The partnership with Uplive comes from the need and request of many patients regarding mental and physical recovery due to various events in their lives like recovering from a burnout, coping with the hustle bustle of life, fatigued mothers and fathers, exhausted teachers, among many other cases I have been treating over the years. For some when they do not need to psychiatric medication (although this is important and taking these products doesn’t replace it) I am frequently asked to recommend natural products to help them. Therefore, in order to respond to those requests and needs this healthy partnership arose.

As a sexologist and as a couple therapist I recommend to explore sexual and intimate life by using sex toys and/or other accessories that will help the individual or the couple. This happens when it is necessary to recover the intimacy or to improve it. It’s also recommendable for routine issues in the couple, when penetration is difficult, in vaginismus or dyspareunia, in erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation or vaginal dryness, and so many other cases. Thus, the Psychology a la carte in association with Cupido’s shop provides to its patients 10% discount on the purchase of products at the shop and a more personalised customer service among other advantages.