I started seeing Inês when I was going through a phase of anxiety and panic attacks. Through simple techniques Inês showed me how to gain control of those feelings, making them disappear within a month. She made me realize that I was not the anxiety, it is an emotion. We then worked on the underlying issues leading up to the anxiety and panic attacks, like self-esteem, insecurities, etc. Inês is an amazing therapist. She made me feel comfortable right from the beginning. She is a great listener and most importantly she helps you to be the one who figures stuff out. During each session I experienced eye openers regarding my thoughts and personality and she would give me tips on how to work with that. After 9 months I feel myself as a more confident person, being able to manage my own emotions and understanding them better. Inês has had a major contribution to this.


I met Inês in the midst of the breakdown of my marriage. At that time I didn’t know what happened and I didn’t know who I was and how I fit into this whole disaster. As part of our regular meetings I received insightful comments and tools on how to understand the situation and interpret my own feelings of loss and guilt. Throughout this whole experience Inês was solid as a rock. She was generous, inspired and insightful. Ultimately she helped me gain some sort of stability and maturity within myself. Now I know where the loss and the guilt fits into my life, and I am capable of benefiting from this experience.


It was my first experience with a psychotherapist and, I think, very successful. With the professional assistance of Inês I have gained more self-esteem, have got the answers on questions which have bothered me many times and have learned to live more in the present than in the past. In difficult situations for me I got her true support and help in finding solutions. Throughout the sessions I felt that Inês really cared about my well-being in my daily life.


What I like about my work with Inês is her deep and non-judgmental listening skills and her psychological expertise. I felt truly heard, received and supported. At all times Inês respected my pace and the time I needed to figure things out in the process. I could let go of limiting patterns and beliefs about myself which dated back from my childhood and which hindered my evolution in life and in love. She knew how to ‘hold the space’ for my personal evolution and healing to happen. With every session I gained more clarity about myself and had important insights: I am so grateful for having reclaimed self-love, my personal integrity and learned how to set healthy boundaries. We travelled through valleys of tears and climbed the mountain of hope and healing until we stood at the top together and could admire the view from above. Thank you Inês, the journey together was life changing.


I was a person with a low self-esteem, insecure, suffering from a lot of anxiety, with unresolved problems, but all that changed due to the excellent work of Inês. Now I am a secure person, calm, full of confidence… Inês helped me becoming the person I never imagined I could be. Many thanks for making me the person I am today.


Thank you for supporting me during these past months and for helping me to realise that what I had was not the only job in the world. Health is what really matters and knowing that there are very good opportunities somewhere, we just need to go for it.


I have worked with Inês for well over three years now. In this time I have felt much support, nurture and help. It always amazes me how with a few words she understands my thoughts and how much she remembers details related to my experiences, details that I have forgotten. She always has my best interest at stake, the way only few people in our lives do. I have found very useful the exercises she uses to unveil personality traits, habit and thoughts. Inês has given me the ability to know myself better and to make the best of that knowledge. She has made me appreciate even more the science of psychology. Now she is living in Portugal but I still feel the confidence she has given me to continue becoming a better person.


“Inês is kind, competent and professional.”